Buy or Sell Real Estate!

Would you like someone who can represent you and protect your interest in any residential purchase? Before you call a listing agent who represents sellers, and before you call a sales office that represents a builder/developer, give BPS a call and let us represent you.

There are times when selling a house can be simple. In fact, over 10% of American homeowners handle their own sales. But did you know that only 13% are able to successfully sell their home themselves? Let our expertise ensure your home sells at its maximum value.

Investment Opportunities

We provide real estate investment opportunities by finding properties that need minor repairs and enhancements in order to create a profit upon resale or lease up. We believe the current market conditions are creating opportunities to find single and multi-family properties at prices that will turn a profit within 3 to 5 years.

While opportunities to flip a property are harder to come by, they are out there. We can search for properties that meet your specific criteria. We also offer full service property management of these properties while they are being held, and have a licensed contracting division that help you with repairs and renovations.

Property Management Services

We recognize that our managed properties are owned by busy people with other jobs to do, and we work hard to take the workload off your shoulders. We understand that vendor management and timely upkeep of your property is always a high priority.

Our staff will work hand in hand with you and your tennants to address your concerns, providing regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance, and reports. We are always accessible by and strive to provide transparent, professional service for your property.

Repair and Maintenance

Our Repair and Maintenance programes are tailored to your property's needs. We offer 24 hour emergency contact and service request management, you and your tennants can create and track Requests for Service online. And if we are unable to repair the problem in-house, we facilitate repairs with our vendors or your specified choice.

We also offer landscaping and exterior maintenance. Don't leave things up to your tennants, let us ensure your properties are being properly maintained both inside and out. With continuous maintenance, we will lower overall maintenance costs and increase property values.